Our vision is to become the leader in providing sourcing solutions to the ever increasing pharmaceuticals market of India. To achieve highest level of customer satisfaction through our efficient and transparent working ways with support of our vast experience in this Industry.

To Keep adding new products and services to cater to our customers rapidly changing needs. To be the most trustworthy sourcing partners for clientele.



Being a bridge between international markets and the Indian chemical industry

Eastern Chemicals (Mumbai) Pvt Ltd is one of the leading names in the Pharmaceutical Raw Materials market of India(importing and exporting pharmaceuticals raw materials i.e. APIs, Intermediates of APIs, excepients, fine chemicals and Agrochemicals). Formed in the year 1965 we remain to be one of the oldest indenting houses in India. Initially, Eastern had been engaged in sourcing from various reputed manufacturers all over the globe to market their products in India and have now used their expertise and experience to become one of the leading merchant exporters of Indian manufactured Pharmaceutical Raw materials across the globe. Our product range covers a wide range of bulk drugs-APIS, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Agro chemicals-Veterinary, Dyes- Pigment intermediates and Fine Chemicals.

Under the strong leadership and guidance of our founder Mr C. P. Shah (B. Pharm) who has been in the pharmaceuticals business for more than 50 years, we enjoy an excellent credibility among customers and suppliers who know that our Experience, Expertise are always at their disposal.

In view of the globalization of the world economy, Eastern Chemicals has given itself extremely high goals for its activities in catering to most of the Top Pharmaceuticals companies globally for their imports.

We aim to be the leader in our products and markets by providing high quality and cost effective services to our customers. We pursue excellence in all that we undertake and take steps to improve ourselves continuously. And through the innovative application of our knowledge and our infrastructure, we aim to grow Responsibly.

We believe we have the right strategy and vast experience to source new molecules required by our customers for their R&D Projects up to the point of the product being commercialized.

We are also in the position to offer our services for the regulated markets for products having active COS, EDMF and USDMF requirements and certifications.

Labelled solutions

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Enterprise growth

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Our sourcing function is designed to help our clients identify and work with reputable and reliable overseas companies that manufacture the products they require. Whether the product is readily available or needs custom synthesis, we use our in-depth understanding of the production processes and knowledge of the infrastructural and chemical capabilities of different manufacturers to help identify the right candidates for our principles.

Our export function focuses on promoting Indian-made pharmaceutical finished products and raw material to customers in countries across the globe.